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Hacking the Kronos

Disclaimer: if you’re going to try this yourself. Do this at your own risk. I’m just the messenger and not responsible if you damage or wreck your Kronos. A long time ago there was a guy on Korg forums who took the challenge to open up the kronos and reverse engineer the inner workings of […]

Installing Sample RAM memory

Hi everybody, A while ago I have installed some extra memory in my Kronos. I used the Youtube film below as a guide and it works like a charm. The memory isn’t that expensive. An advice I can give you is that you better buy the memory from a computershop, rather than from a musical […]

New Karma-Lab Sound Set for Korg Kronos and OASYS

August 24, 2015 – Karma-Lab, the developer of the KARMA interactive music technology featured in Korg Workstations, announces the release of “Catalyst Volume 2 – Blast of Inspiration!” (US $48) – a new sound set of 32 KARMA-fied combis for the Korg Kronos, Kronos X, Kronos 2 and Oasys. Special introductory pricing of $32 (33% […]

New Korg Kronos OS and editor update

New message for Korg Kronos users: Dear KRONOS user, We have a bunch of announcements for you today, including new software – all for free! http://www.korg.com/us/news/2015/0722/ * * * Here’s the lineup: * KRONOS Editor version 3.0.0 * KRONOS System version 3.0.3 * New KRONOS (KRONOS 2) Sub-System Firmware Version 1.08 More details below! * […]

Korg Kronos stolen in the Netherlands

Hi Guys and girls, Today a van with lots of gear including a Korg kronos 88 keys has been stolen from Sander. Here’s his message translated from dutch:   My car with licence plate 20-VVJ-4 has been stolen with the following equipment: Kronos 88 serial 003901, with RAM upgrade and 2nd SSD (Intel 530 serie 120GB) Roland […]

Just checked out the new Kronos 2015

Hi everybody, Yesterday I went to Musicstore Koeln (Germany) to get a keyboard stand (an Ultimate Apex ax48 pro s if you want to know). And when I was there browing around there it was: The new Kronos 2015 🙂 I was curious if the interface was any faster and perhaps I’ll find new interesting […]

Three new KRONOS EXs

News from Korg: Korg is pleased to announce the availability of three new KRONOS EXs, one KRS and one updated EXs libraries from KApro. There are so many new sounds that we can only give you a taste in this email; for full details, including audio demos, please check out the KRONOS Sound Libraries site: […]

New KRONOS Sound Pack for current KRONOS users!

Hi guys & girls, Korg has an anouncement: Dear KRONOS user, Korg is pleased to announce the “New KRONOS Sound Pack” for the current KRONOS users. * * * New KRONOS Sound Pack (normally $299, introductory price of $249) The “New KRONOS Sound Pack” includes the following new KRONOS Sound Libraries, as featured in the […]

Kronos OS3 is available!

A message from Korg: Dear KRONOS user, Korg is pleased to announce a new software update for the KRONOS, version 3.0.2, as well as the availability of KApro’s new “EXs19 KApro Private Collections” library. http://www.korg.com/us/news/2014/1204/ https://shop.korg.com/kronos/SoundLibraries https://shop.korg.com/kronos/Support * * * KRONOS System Version 3.0.2 KRONOS software version 3.0 is a major upgrade featuring: the new […]