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New KRONOS Sound Pack for current KRONOS users!

Hi guys & girls, Korg has an anouncement: Dear KRONOS user, Korg is pleased to announce the “New KRONOS Sound Pack” for the current KRONOS users. * * * New KRONOS Sound Pack (normally $299, introductory price of $249) The “New KRONOS Sound Pack” includes the following new KRONOS Sound Libraries, as featured in the […]

Kronos OS3 is available!

A message from Korg: Dear KRONOS user, Korg is pleased to announce a new software update for the KRONOS, version 3.0.2, as well as the availability of KApro’s new “EXs19 KApro Private Collections” library. http://www.korg.com/us/news/2014/1204/ https://shop.korg.com/kronos/SoundLibraries https://shop.korg.com/kronos/Support * * * KRONOS System Version 3.0.2 KRONOS software version 3.0 is a major upgrade featuring: the new […]

New features in KRONOS software version 3.0

KRONOS software version 3.0 is a major upgrade, featuring the new SGX-2, system-wide touch-drag gestural input from the touch-screen, larger on-screen fonts, the ability to edit Programs in the context of Combinations and Songs, 12 vintage effects, and a raft of improvements to Set Lists. There’s also a new Find feature for locating Programs and […]

Kronos samples from Backintimerecords.de

Fine sample libraries and Program Preset collections. Handcrafted by Klaus P. Rausch with the passion for musician friendly soundtools.   Kronos Best of Vintage Keys 1-4 The Kronos Vintage Keys sample library series offers the best and most famous sounds taken from the real legendary instruments. Carefully programmed, recorded and then sampled by skilled synthesizer […]

New Korg Kronos OS v3 tutorials

Korg has released a new Korg Kronos 2 with Operating System version 3. This new operating system will also be available for the current Kronos users (Kronos 1 and Kronos X). In a few weeks this will be downloadable from the Korg.com website. The 9gb Grand Piano will also be available for the current Kronos users, […]

Johan Nilsson (Dirty Loops) with New Korg Kronos

Dirty Loops update Have you seen the video of Johan (from Dirty Loops) with the new Korg Kronos? Interesting. Will he be playing his next song with Dirty Loops on the new Kronos? He played on the Korg X50 and now maybe he is going to upgrade his gear with a Korg Kronos! Would be awsome We […]

Korg reveils the new Kronos

  Here it is: the new Korg Kronos (it will be available in about 5 weeks). Some call it the Kronos 2. In a nutshell, what’s new about the Kronos 2: A new SGX-2 piano engine with a 9GB Berlin grand piano A multicolor touchscreen with touch-drag / swipe capabilities 21GB waveform samples built in […]

Korg Triton sounds for Korg Kronos!

Hope you don’t mind for publishing this great release of you, Loren! Thank you so much! Check this out Kronos enthusiasts: “Hello my friends, I would like to thanks the Great Korg Team for them released of such great instruments like the KRONOS. Severals month ago, korg released a great bank of patch for the […]

Kronos remote app for iPad coming?

Hi guys, perhaps you’ve seen it already, but this is (probably) coming soon:   see a video here on the developer’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=716351601722811&set=o.1405913052981903&type=2&theater   This might be handy for people who want a bigger screen or can’t access their screen properly of their Kronos (eg. when you have another synth on top of it). […]