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Kronos OS3 is available!

A message from Korg:

Dear KRONOS user,

Korg is pleased to announce a new software update for the KRONOS, version 3.0.2, as well as the availability of KApro’s new “EXs19 KApro Private Collections” library.




* * *

KRONOS System Version 3.0.2

KRONOS software version 3.0 is a major upgrade featuring:

  • the new SGX-2,
  • system-wide touch-drag gestural input from the touch-screen,
  • larger on-screen fonts
  • the ability to edit Programs in the context of Combinations and Songs,
  • 12 vintage effects,
  • a raft of improvements to Set Lists,
  • a new Find feature for locating Programs and Combinations by name,
  • audio level meters for Oscillators, Timbres, Tracks, and effects,
  • improved support for non- equal-tempered scales,
  • support for editing text via USB alphanumeric keyboards, and
  • if a sound requires samples which aren’t currently loaded, you can now load those samples in a single step.

For more information, please see the updated PDF manuals and the onboard Help system.

We recommend that all KRONOS and KRONOS X users update to version 3.0.2. This update may be installed on any KRONOS or KRONOS X, regardless of the currently installed system version; it is not necessary to install intermediate upgrades first.

The new software is free for all registered users, and is now available for download from the Operating System section at https://shop.korg.com/kronos/Support. For detailed information about the improvements in 3.0.2, please see the Release Notes at the same URL.

Note: KRONOS System Version 3.0.2 provides nearly all of the features of the new KRONOS, except for the updated sounds and sample libraries. These updated sounds and libraries, including the EXs17 Berlin D Piano, EXs18 Korg EXs Collections, and new Programs and Combinations, are expected to be made available for owners of previous KRONOS models in late January 2015 (price TBD).

* * *

EXs19 KApro Private Collections

EXs19 “KApro’s Private Collection” is free for registered owners of the new KORG KRONOS, and is available to owners of previous KRONOS models at an introductory price of only $49 until December 31, 2014 (after which the price will be $99).

KApro EXs19 KApro’s Private Collection for the KORG KRONOS offers a stunning set of sounds:

  • 128 Programs, starting with 40 well-known, popular Programs from eleven KApro sound libraries–plus 88 completely new Programs combining Multisamples from the different libraries,
  • 32 Wave Sequences, implementing “round robin” allocation for realistic and vivid reproduction of symphonic orchestra sounds as well as lively synth timbres, and
  • 117 Multisamples, including 94 recorded in stereo

Note: Free EXs19 authorization requires the completion of KRONOS 2 user registration.

Note: EXs19 requires KRONOS System Version 2.0.2 or later.

EXs demo versions and authorization codes

As always, you can download and try out all EXs libraries for free. Initially, they will work in demo mode. You’ll be able to play, edit, and save Programs, Combis, Wave Sequences, and Songs which use the new samples – but until you purchase an authorization code, their sound will fade out periodically. To purchase an authorization code, go to the online shop at https://shop.korg.com/kronos/SoundLibraries. Once purchased, entering the authorization code into the KRONOS removes the audio limitations of demo mode – no additional downloads required.

We hope that you enjoy these additions to the KRONOS as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Best regards,



New features in KRONOS software version 3.0

KRONOS software version 3.0 is a major upgrade, featuring the new SGX-2, system-wide touch-drag gestural input from the touch-screen, larger on-screen fonts, the ability to edit Programs in the context of Combinations and Songs, 12 vintage effects, and a raft of improvements to Set Lists.
There’s also a new Find feature for locating Programs and Combinations by name, audio level meters for Oscillators, Timbres, Tracks, and effects, improved support for non- equal-tempered scales, and support for editing text via USB alphanumeric keyboards. Last but not least, if a sound requires samples which aren’t currently loaded, you can now load those samples in a single step.
In addition to these new features, the update includes various improvements and resolutions to specific operational issues.


The updates to the SGX-1 are so significant that we thought it deserved an updated name as well—hence, the SGX-2. First, the SGX-2 now includes modeled String Resonance, for an even more realistic playing experience (older sounds will need to be edited manually to enable this feature). Under-the-hood changes also enable powerful new Piano Types with up to 12 velocity zones and dedicated Una Corda samples—such as those of the EXs17 Berlin D Piano.

Touch-drag gestural input

Throughout the KRONOS, you can now simply touch your finger to a parameter and drag on the display to change its value. This applies to all knobs, sliders, drawbars, and numeric parameters. You can also touch and drag to create and delete connections on the MS-20EX and MOD-7 patch panels.

Editing Programs from within a Combination or Song

You can now jump directly into the editing pages of a Program from within a Combination or Song—while still hearing all of the other Timbres or Tracks. Tweak a step sequencer pattern, for instance, or experiment with patch cables in the MS-20EX.

Vintage effects

The new Vintage effect category includes 12 effects based on the CX-3 and EP-1. Classics such as the Small Phase and Vox Wah are now available as insert, master, and total effects.

Set List improvements

Set Lists now support different colors for each Slot, to make them easier to distinguish quickly. Slots can now also be transposed individually.
You can make more room for comments by showing only 4 or 8 Slots at a time, or show 16 Slots so that you have the maximum number of sounds under your fingertips. A new Comment Panel, accessible by touching the comment area and swiping downwards, temporarily dedicates the entire screen to the comment. You can also choose different font sizes for each Slot’s comments, from small (to fit more text without scrolling) to ultra-large (for easy visibility).


The new Find feature, accessed by a magnifying-glass- shaped button in most selection dialogs, lets you search for Programs, Combinations, and other data by name.


On-screen meters now show audio levels for Program Oscillators (on the Control Surface page), Combination Timbres, Song Tracks, insert effects, and the main output.

Improved scale support

A new Global parameter, Osc/Timbre/Track Transpose, determines how the Program Oscillator, Combination Timbre, and Song Track Transpose parameters interact with the Scale and Key. There are two options, each designed for a specific use-case.
If you are using non-equal-tempered scales and want to build parallel intervals (such as “fat fifths”) into your sounds, use the Works Within Scale (for harmonies) setting. If, on the other hand, you play in non-equal-tempered scales and transpose entire songs—to accommodate singers, for example—use the Transposes Scale option.

Load Required Samples

If a Program, Combination, or Song uses EXs, User Sample Bank, or Sampling Mode data which is not currently loaded, the Samples Not Loaded message appears at the top of the display. You can now use the Load required samples command to load all of the required samples in a single step.

USB alphanumeric keyboard support

Anywhere that you can enter text, you can now use a connected USB alphanumeric keyboard as an alternative to the touch-screen keyboard. A keyboard with the standard US “IBM PC” QWERTY layout is recommended.

Other improvements

Program banks I-A…F may now be configured as either HD-1or EXi.


SYNTHSOUNDS.CO.UK – Third Party Sound Libraries for the Korg Kronos

Synthsounds.co.uk have new sounds which are available for the Korg Kronos Synthesizer which you can buy and download from the website.

  • KORG KRONOS VITA SYNTH BASS EXi (Featuring 128 New Preset Synthesizer Bass Sounds/Programs for the EXi Synth Engine)
  • KORG KRONOS VITA SYNTH BASS HD1 (Featuring 128 New Preset Synthesizer Bass Sounds/Programs for the HD1 Synth Engine)
  • KORG KRONOS VITA SYNTH BASS EXi & HD1 Multi-Pack (Featuring 2 x 128 (256) New Preset Synthesizer Bass Sounds/Programs for both the EXi & HD1 Synth Engines)
  • KORG KRONOS VITA SYNTH PADS EXi (Featuring 128 New Preset Synthesizer Pads Sounds/Programs for the EXi Synth Engine which includes Motion Synths, Fast Synths and Slow Synths)

More Sound Banks available soon!

korgkronosvitasynthpadsexi_smallerEach pack of Third Party Sound Libraries programmed and engineered and created by VITA (Mark Wheawill) are fantastic and are a perfect pre-production tool and have been created specifically for Electronic Dance Music makers, live performers playing the Kronos and people working in audio and pre-production for Film, TV, Radio, Gaming or any other multi-media, and packs currently contain Synthesizer Bass Preset sounds and Synthesizer Pads sounds which are not originally included on the factory version of the Korg Kronos and are perfect for a new spectrum of preset sounds.

The new Sound Banks form an exclusive private and personal collection of sounds designed by VITA (Mark Wheawill) and of which showcase Mark’s talents for creating new and unique sounds for music and audio production.

There are free demo sounds for the new sound banks which are available and of which you can also try out and download from the site.

Please visit www.synthsounds.co.uk for further information.






Kronos samples from Backintimerecords.de

Fine sample libraries and Program Preset collections. Handcrafted by Klaus P. Rausch with the passion for musician friendly soundtools.


Kronos Best of Vintage Keys 1-4

The Kronos Vintage Keys sample library series offers the best and most famous sounds taken from the real legendary instruments. Carefully programmed, recorded and then sampled by skilled synthesizer and sampling expert Klaus P. Rausch.

Kronos Analogic

It turns the Kronos into an analog synthesizer. It comes with a sophisticated soundbank and a special handling system where all Controllers are assigned like an analog synthesizer. A 20 page documentation PDF is included.

Kronos SynthChoir

The name already describes the product, which is a sample library together with a Program Presets bank. Here is a short film where some sounds are used:


Both are downloadable products, optional CD/DVD, and already available.
Where to buy and product pages can be found here: http://backintimerecords.de/bitr066.htm

The creator of both is Klaus P. Rausch who is a worldwide wellknown sound designer since many years.





korg kronos os 3 - Kronoshaven

New Korg Kronos OS v3 tutorials

Korg has released a new Korg Kronos 2 with Operating System version 3. This new operating system will also be available for the current Kronos users (Kronos 1 and Kronos X). In a few weeks this will be downloadable from the Korg.com website. The 9gb Grand Piano will also be available for the current Kronos users, however this won’t be free. Our sources said that the price will be $200,- That’s a bit steep to my taste, hopefully this is not the definitive price for the piano.

Anyway, of course you would like to know what’s new in OS3, right? Korg has made some new video tutorials with the new OS version 3. Check this out:


Johan Nilsson (Dirty Loops) with New Korg Kronos

Dirty Loops update

Have you seen the video of Johan (from Dirty Loops) with the new Korg Kronos? Interesting. Will he be playing his next song with Dirty Loops on the new Kronos? He played on the Korg X50 and now maybe he is going to upgrade his gear with a Korg Kronos! Would be awsome :)

We will keep an eye on that and keep you posted!






Korg reveils the new Kronos


Here it is: the new Korg Kronos (it will be available in about 5 weeks). Some call it the Kronos 2.

In a nutshell, what’s new about the Kronos 2:

  • A new SGX-2 piano engine with a 9GB Berlin grand piano
  • A multicolor touchscreen with touch-drag / swipe capabilities
  • 21GB waveform samples built in
  • Room for 62GB downloadable Kronos libraries
  • Set-list mode now adds a 9 band EQ; adjust your sound for each venue / gig
  • Nice colors in setlist mode and a comment pad (with scalable text)
  • Search function for finding sound based on title
  • The 16-track audio recorder simultaneously records up to four tracks at a sampling rate of 48 kHz
  • And don’t forget the wooden sidepanels ;)


Is it worth the upgrade if you have a Korg Kronos (X)?

Good question; it depends -from the information I have now at this moment- on your needs. The most interesting part to me of the new Kronos is the new piano and (the room for lots of) extra sounds. However, there hasn’t been an upgrade of the Karma version. It’s still the same Karma version als the initial Kronos. It’s great to see there’s still innovation taking place at Korg R&D. That’s a great thing. It keeps them ahead of the game (where are you Roland and Yamaha?)

So, looking at the specs; take this for example:
I read this on the Korg website: “Approx. 2GB *4 *4: The memory available for Sampling Mode will change based on the use of Expansion PCM libraries and User Sample Banks. Approx. 760 MB is available when shipped from the factory (When loading the file named “PRELOAD.KSC”).”

I assume that the *4 refers to note number 4 rather than 4 times 2GB. I guess it’s the same setup as the original Kronos. You can add 1GB to the existing 2GB (of which 1GB is used by the system). This means that the current operating system is (still) 32bit.


To buy or not to buy

Would I buy it? Probably not, however I’ll know it when I see / touch and hear it ;-)

What would you do? Let me know!





Korg Triton sounds for Korg Kronos!

Hope you don’t mind for publishing this great release of you, Loren! Thank you so much!

Check this out Kronos enthusiasts:

“Hello my friends,

I would like to thanks the Great Korg Team for them released of such great instruments like the KRONOS.

Severals month ago, korg released a great bank of patch for the KROME workstation, “THE BEST OF TRITON”, this great programs wasn’t available for the KRONOS… so i decided to start to convert all of them to KRONOS Format, it tools me 2 months of works!!!! and several hours without sleeping!!!

THE BEST OF TRITON IS COPYRIGHT BY KORG, so i didn’t made any change to the set of patches, they sound exactly the same..(2 of them differ because the kronos has some missing waves).

Enjoy!!! the bank is in USER-GG

Chers and enjoy your KRONOS!!!!
Thanks Again to the Great Korg Team…

here is the link for download:
[dead link]

UPDATE – new link

Source: Korg Forums


Kronos remote app for iPad coming?

Hi guys,

perhaps you’ve seen it already, but this is (probably) coming soon:



see a video here on the developer’s Facebook page:


This might be handy for people who want a bigger screen or can’t access their screen properly of their Kronos (eg. when you have another synth on top of it).






Also to me it would be nice, since the iPad screen is much more touch friendly than the Kronos screen. Let’s wait and see…


Folow Kurt Ader on Facebook