Best way to update your Korg Kronos OS to 1.5

Thanks to AlchemistMusicStudio and Kid Nepro on Korg Forums. The easiest way to update your Korg Kronos.

Here are the steps:
1. Download the system update ( – support).
2. Un-zip the downloaded file.
3. Copy the update files (use USB Flash Drive – only FAT32!):
– mnt (Folder)
– KRONOS_Update1_5_0.taz.gz (ZIP)
– (File)
– (File)
– (File)
4. Go to the Global P0– Basic Setup page.
5. Open the menu, and select the command “Update System Software”.
6. Connect the USB storage device containing the update files.
7. Press the OK button, a new message will appear: “Are you sure”? Press the OK button.
8. While the system is being updated (1-2 minutes), do not touch the Kronos switches, and never turn off the power.
9. When the update is complete, a new message will appear: “Kronos system version 1.5.0 update complete. Please restart the system”.
10. Turn off the Kronos, and then disconnect the USB storage device.
11.Wait approximately ten seconds, and then turn the power on again.
12- When powering up look for the OS version in the display. If your still running 1.0.4 then repeat steps 4-11.
13. enjoy!

I did these steps and it worked like a charm, however after updating I forgot step 10 and got an error: “SYSTEM STARTUP FAILED – please remove any usb devices and restart” and by removing the USB stick it worked.

I made a video of the update, check it out:

Kronos update 1.5 here!

Check it out here:

System Version 1.5.0
November, 28, 2011

New features
KRONOS system version 1.5 includes a number of new features, as listed below.
• 7 more User Banks each of Programs, Wave Sequences and Drum Kits, labeled USER‐AA through USER‐GG.
• The maximum number of RAM Multisamples has been increased from 1,000 to 4,000, and the maximum numbers of RAM Samples and Multisample Indexes have each been increased from 4,000 to 16,000.
• Support for connecting USB MIDI class‐compliant controllers directly to the KRONOS.
• Installation of an additional 1GB of RAM is now supported, and can be performed at any authorized Korg service center. This approximately doubles the maximum available sample RAM, up to about 2 GB.

The following items describe the major functional improvements and bug fixes included in this operating system update.

[Bug fix] IMPORTANT: When playing samples using VMT – for instance, when playing the SGX-1 – on very rare occasions the system may have spontaneously restarted. This has now been fixed.
[Bug fix] When changing Programs, Combinations, or Songs, the noise from the “Stereo Analog Record” effect may not have stopped. This has now been fixed.
[Bug fix] When receiving a MIDI “All Notes Off” message, the KRONOS responded as if “All Sound Off” had been received. This has now been fixed.
Program mode
[Bug fix] In CX-3 Programs, in some cases the sliders and drawbars might have responded as if they were moved in the opposite direction. This has now been fixed.
Combination mode
[Bug fix] During Combination change, in some cases notes might have been stuck. This has now been fixed.
Sequencer mode
[Bug fix] In Sequencer mode, the Drum Track didnʼt send out MIDI events. This has now been fixed.
[Bug fix] An operation error may have been caused when executing Erase Measure and Delete Measure menu commands. This has now been fixed.
[Improvement] When the menu command “Bounce All Tracks to Disk” was selected, the recording level was reset to zero. Now, the previous recording level setting is retained.
Disk mode
[Bug fix] An operation error may have occurred when accessing USB devices containing ADPCM format WAVE files. This has now been fixed.
Various other minor improvements and bug fixes are also included in this update.