New Karma-Lab Sound Set for Korg Kronos and OASYS


Karma-Lab Sound Set for Korg Kronos

New sound set of 32 KARMA-fied combis for the Korg Kronos, Kronos X, Kronos 2 and Oasys are available. 

August 24, 2015 – Karma-Lab, the developer of the KARMA interactive music technology featured in Korg Workstations, announces the release of “Catalyst Volume 2 – Blast of Inspiration!” (US $48) – a new sound set of 32 KARMA-fied combis for the Korg Kronos, Kronos X, Kronos 2 and Oasys. Special introductory pricing of $32 (33% discount) is available until September 15, 2015. The combis can be loaded directly into the Kronos and Oasys, or used with the optional KARMA Kronos and KARMA Oasys software.


A comprehensive demonstration video showing ten real-time performances of selected combis is available at:

Focused on song-construction, backing tracks and inspirational grooves for jamming and live performance, scoring and film cues, each combi is composed of a full 4 KARMA Modules and 8 fully-voiced scenes for maximum variability, featuring extensive real-time control via the KARMA Realtime Controls (8 sliders, 8 switches) and the other controllers (joystick, ribbon, 8 RT sliders/knobs, Vector Joystick and 2 switches over joystick). In addition, the Kronos’s Drum Track has been programmed to add an additional complimentary percussion or drum element in nearly every combi.

Each combi is fully and meticulously documented in the accompanying 72 page User’s Guide, which is loaded with tips on how to get the most out of each KARMA Performance. The set includes grooves, sonic textures and backing tracks in a wide variety of styles, ranging from a mixture of Rock, Ambient, Jazz, New-Age and World/Ethnic categories to Hip-Hop, Dance, Electronica, Trance and Techno categories.

Catalyst Volume 2 is Karma-Lab’s third set of KARMA-fied combis for the Kronos, joining Catalyst Volume 1 and Reincarnated – two other acclaimed sets with similar high-tech programming. KARMA Developer Stephen Kay says “As the inventor of KARMA (licensed to Korg), nobody programs KARMA to the degree that Karma-Lab does. If you want big, bold, full, robust KARMA combis with inspiring and intricate parts that have 8 full scenes of completely different variations, each capable of driving the creation of new song ideas, then these are the sets for you.”

More information about Catalyst Volume 2 and other Karma-Lab sound sets can be found at:

About Karma-Lab

Developer of the award-winning and patented KARMA® algorithmic music technology, Karma-Lab is a provider of software for music and sound creation. Founded in 1994 and based in Westfield, NJ, the company has developed the KARMA features, software and sounds for a wide variety of Korg products including the Korg Karma, Triton, OASYS, M3, M50 and Kronos. Karma-Lab has also recently released software and sounds for a number of Yamaha products including the Motif XF and XS series, the MOXF and MOX series, the S70/S90 XS series, and the Motif Rack-XS. KARMA technology is used worldwide by tens of thousands of users, for applications including audio production, song-writing, film/TV soundtracks, live stage sound, club remixes, computer game sound, and multimedia applications. Find out more at