How to contact me

Please check what’s applicable to your needs:


Want to be kept up-to-date with Kronoshaven

– Like our Kronoshaven Facebook Page


Need support?

Depending on the problem you could contact or you could ask the Kronos community on one of these great forums.

Practical problems / questions
Korg Foums
Karma-lab forums

Hardware problems / replacement / parts etc
Korg dealers and support list

Do you have something (free) to share with the Korg Kronos community?

Please send me an e-mail: angelo[a] (replace [a] with @)

If you have something Korg Kronos related you would like to sell, there are several options:
– I’ll post an advertorial in exchange of the product that you would like to promote (it must be interesting and Kronos related)
– We could work out an advertisement deal on
– I’m also open for affiliate deals