Downloads for Korg Kronos

Here you can find lots of links to resources hosting PCG files and samples. I try to avoid hosting the files here on Kronoshaven, because the source could be more up-to-date. Plus it gives the author all the credits he or she deserves.

Keep in mind that sampling (and publishing the samples of) other synths might be illegal, make sure you have permission to do this.

Sounds and Samples

a clone of the free VSTi “Superwave P8” converted into a Streaming Library for the KRONOS
Orchestral Sounds
Triple Strike Piano (original for Oasys, but words also on Kronos)

Qui Robinez

Dan Stesco
– DEMO Pack (Killer Guitar and more)
Jean Michel Combi Pack
Van Halen sound – Why can’t this be love

Wiliam Busch
Lots of goodies on his site, for example the Yamaha CP-80 sample set. Check it out here

Hohner Planet Model N
Boys and London Choir
Chapman Stick Sound
Jazz Vox User bank
Upright piano

Kronos Software

a very good wysiwyg SETLIST editor, thanks to Uhura

PCG Tools
The application is a mix of a librarian, list generator to create all kinds of useful lists and a limited editor by Michel Keijzers.

a very nice Editor for the Al-1 engine by Chrutil

Korg Manuals

Korg Kronos operation guide
Korg Kronos quick start guide

Korg Kronos Tutorials