Hacking the Kronos



Reverse engineer the inner workings of the Kronos

Disclaimer: if you’re going to try this yourself. Do this at your own risk. I’m just the messenger and not responsible if you damage or wreck your Kronos.

A long time ago there was a guy on Korg forums who took the challenge to open up the kronos and reverse engineer the inner workings of the Kronos. In that time he was hacking the Kronos classic (the first version). It was cool to see that he could connect a normal monitor to the Kronos to see the boot proces, and while he was digging into the Kronos’ Operating system he found cool things. When suddenly he stopped posting about it…

A few days ago I stumbled upon some other links of someone who is called Kronoshacker and another guy who tried all the things Kronoshacker was doing. The most important thing was to upgrade the hardware of the Kronos to get:

  • more polyphony: 200 voices accross all engines (even STR-1 and MS-20)
  • a boot up time in less than 20 seconds (!)

To achieve this he actually had to hack some checks (security) the Kronos has built in.

Read the story here: Kronoshacker.blogspot.nl

And here’s a guy (Marcan) who has commented on this and tried this too (with succes): website of Marcan