Installing Sample RAM memory

Hi everybody,

Note: this is about the first Kronos version.

A while ago I have installed some extra memory in my Kronos. I used the Youtube film below as a guide and it works like a charm.

The memory isn’t that expensive. An advice I can give you is that you better buy the memory from a computershop, rather than from a musical instruments shop. They tend to ask more than double for it.

Oh before I forget: do it at your own risk! Don’t come complaining if you wreck your Kronos. I’m not responsible for any damage. If you’re experienced with swapping memory from a computer this is a piece of cake. Otherwise ask help from someone who has some experience.

Memory used in this Youtube video:
Corsair DDR2-SDRAM PC6400 CL5 (google for VS2GB800D2)

See this other article, where you can find a photo of the memory of the Kronos 2 (2015 version)