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Korg presents: Korg Kronos LS

Korg is presenting a new Korg Kronos version: the Korg Kronos LS. It’s a light edition 88 keys Kronos. The main difference with the normal version is the keybed. It’s a semi-weighted keybed, just like the 61 version. Ideal for playing organs, fast synth phrases and doing glissandos without hurting your fingers. 🙂

The main reason to buy this Kronos version would be that it’s a large keyboard that’s more portable than the 88 piano-weighted version. The difference in weight is 6.3 KG. There’s no pricing information available yet.

Other changes are the looks: a new woorden sidepanel with a sunburst design just like some guitars have and the top of the casing has a dark brown look, as the website refers to it as a “calm atmosphere”. (I guess that’s a Japanese saying) See pictures: Korg Kronos LS

The New Kronos LS comes with the updated Operating System (OS) 3.1. With the new keyboard, a feature: Quick Layer, which allows easy assignment of several keyboard layers and splits, such as piano and strings layers or electric piano and bass split, making it easier to play a variety of performances making use of the light touch 88 keyboard. There’s also a new split function. More details will follow. (I’m wondering if these functions will also be available for the classic, the X and the normal 2015 version)

At this moment there’s only some information available om the Japanese Korg website. Korg Kronos LS was presented on the NAMM show in January 2017.

– it seems that it doesn’t feature aftertouch. For some keyboardists this could be a deal breaker.

Dimensions: 1,416 (width) x 364 (depth) x 134 (height) mm
Weight: 17.8 KG

The KRONOS LS is a music workstation with nine different sound sources, boasting the highest performance in the history of Korg’s products. From a piano to an organ and a synth to a physical sound source, as one proposal to bring out the potential of its broad sound, as easy to play as the piano, now with a light key touch key model suitable for live organ and synth performance.

The dark brown body color offers a calm atmosphere with sunburst side wood panels for enhancing the joy of owning the instrument, will offer a good look for you on the stage with KRONOS LS.

The new design for Korg Kronos LS is a light touch key, which is easy to play with organ phrases and synth fast phrases and glissando. We also reviewed the structure of the keyboard itself, making it easier to control velocity, even with complicated feel and more difficult-to-play phrases than the conventional light / touch keyboard (61 keys). Because it is a box type keyboard which is the same as before, it realizes the light performance feeling of synth keyboard without impairing already established design balance. Also, because it is a semi-weighted keyboard, you can enjoy playing with a lot of feeling such as piano and electric piano with confidence in the reaction with a firm feeling to your fingertips.

KORG achieved a weight reduction of 6.3 kg compared to the 88 key weighted model.

By adopting the new key, we realized a weight reduction of 6.3 kg compared to the KRONOS-88 key model using the conventional piano keyboard. It is lighter than 3kg even compared with the 73 key model, greatly reducing the burden of carrying instruments and setting.

New Features: The latest OS v3.1 including Quick Layer / Split is installed.

With the new keyboard, Quick Layer, which allows easy assignment of keyboard settings, such as piano and strings layer, electric piano and base split, making it easier to play a variety of performances making use of the light touch 88 keyboards. The latest OS v3.1 with the split function added. Of course, the OS has been brushed up in detail to provide a stable performance environment without stress.

New design Dark brown panel, sunburst side wood

The new panel maintain the look of KRONOS with newly adopted dark brown color which brings forth a calm atmosphere. The wood sides have a sunburst color which produces a new look. KRONOS LS 88 key light touch only, has its own originality, which is outstanding among many high-end class synthesizers


(from KORG Japan)