Kronos connecting to your network using USB ethernet adapter

Using a USB Ethernet adapter

Did you know it’s possible to connect your Kronos to your computer using a USB Ethernet adapter? The Kronos supports FTP connections to access the internal SSD (Solid State Drive = like the internal Hard disk). It could be useful to make back-ups of your data, or you could use it to upload samples to your Kronos.

At this moment of writing, these USB Ethernet adapters are supported for a succesful connection to your Kronos.:

apple USB Ethernet adapter• Apple USB Ethernet Adapter (MC704ZM/A)
• Cisco Linksys USB‐300M
• TRENDnet TU2‐ET100
• Logitec LAN‐TX/U2B
• Logitec LAN‐TX/U2H3
• Planex UE‐100TX‐G3




Of course you need a computer and a network cable (utp).

Basic steps to setup an FTP connection:

  • Make sure your computer is connected to your home / business network (wifi or UTP)
  • Connect the USB part of the USB ethernet adapter to your Kronos and the Ethernet part of the USB ethernet adapter to your home / buesiness network.
  • Turn on Kronos and your computer
  • Kronos: go to the Global settings
  • Kronos: go to the NETWORK tab (if you don’t see the network tab, make sure you have the latest operating system (OS) on your Kronos)
  • Your network should assign an IP adres to your Kronos (using DHCP)
  • OK, now your Kronos has an IP; the default FTP username is kronos and password is also kronos.
  • Now you can use an FTP client like FileZilla (which is free) on your computer to connect to your Kronos.
  • in FileZilla (on your computer): make a new connection (or site).
    Fill out:
    host = [IP address that your network assigned to your Kronos] logon type = normal
    user = kronos
    password = kronos
    and press CONNECT
  • you should be able to see your SSD drive (or drives if you have more than one SSD built in)












See all steps on Youtube (unfortunately this is in French, but quite understandable) source:


Mapping a network drive from Windows 7 to your SSD drive in your Kronos