The best of Korg Triton on Korg Kronos

A few years ago, Korg released a PCG file for the Korg Krome with the best patches of the Korg Triton. A user on Korg Forums (LorenKronos73) took the time (2 months) to convert all the Krome patches to Kronos.

Jack Hotop; one of the key sound designers of Korg replied this to LorenKronos73:
Loren: “I spent weeks working on the Korg Krome & Kross conversion files for the Best Of Triton, and I also created most of the original Triton Programs in these files.”

Jack: “After loading & checking your file, I noticed a lot of ‘differences’ in the basic program character, control assignments, and missing KARMA assignments.

I’m quite pleased with the many appreciative responses to your post, and I am investigating the possibility for me to post an “accurate converted file” for the Kronos.

I can’t promise anything at this time, but I am looking into the possibility.
Again, I thank you for your support and good efforts.”

This was in 2011. I can’t find any updates to this post from Jack, but looking at the reactions of the users they are quite happy with the Triton sounds on their Kronos by Loren. So, here you go, try it for yourself.

Installation instructions by Loren:
– Disk Mode/Load
– load U-GG Bank in another HD1 location (fe U-FF) in order to free U-GG Bank for Upright piano

I haven’t tried it myself so, can’t give you support here 🙂
If you have questions you can ask them in the forum here

And.. Needless to say: make a backup first of everything (save all…)

Download the file:
Download sounds here:

(if that link dies, you can use this one)