I checked out out Kronos at our local dealer Lyana

Hi there,
Yes there it was: the Kronos 76 weighted keys. I’m sure I will be having the non-weighted keys.
In a nutshell,

– piano was great! (better than all the other synths / workstations, however -of course- not better than East West libraries)
– interface was great, touchscreen, bigger screen. Smaller font tough.
– vintage keys, organs -> great!
– Karma is (still) great, but…
– audio recording: 16 tracks of audio next to 16 tracks of midi.

– Brass sounds are bad. I will be making new presets again like I did on the M3.
– Karma has the same engine as m3, so nothing new here.
– The body gets dirty in no time.

Well that was my first small impression. I’m still pondering if 2999 euros isn’t too much of a price. Ok, there are new technologies involved like solid state disk with streaming samples. But still.. I think 2499 of even 2599 would be better
More to come later…