Korg Kronos stolen in the Netherlands

Hi Guys and girls,

Today a van with lots of gear including a Korg kronos 88 keys has been stolen from Sander.

Here’s his message translated from dutch:


My car with licence plate 20-VVJ-4 has been stolen


with the following equipment:

  • Kronos 88 serial 003901, with RAM upgrade and 2nd SSD (Intel 530 serie 120GB)
  • Roland JX10 SuperJX
  • Hammond XB1
  • Neo Instruments Ventilator & footswitch
  • A&H Zed10FX mixer
  • RCF722A active speaker
  • Radial ProD2 DI
  • Shure SM58 beta
  • Korg Nanopad 2
  • K&M iPad holder
  • Ultimate Apex stand
  • K&M 18950 stand
  • Keyboard bench
  • Trolly
  • Samsonite cloths bag

Should you see this gear on Ebay contact me on Facebook

As you might have seen there was also a van stolen from NuSkoolTone; luckily together with Facebook friends he got his van back 🙂 Read the story here.


This got me thinking that it could be helpful to register stolen Kronos workstations on this site. So if you’re going to buy a second hand Kronos, check here if it’s a legal one. And not some stole synth. And even better: turn those people in. So, make a note of your serial number. In case you ever need it…

Here’s the page with stolen Kronos workstations (at this moment just one, but I expect there will be more. But.. I hope not)