Kronos keyboard issues?

First of all, yay, we have a Korg Kronos (a few days ago it was there at our local dealer). It’s a great machine and the best workstation at this moment.

That said, a small keyboard issue has shown up: A high F note clicks (the actual keyboard clicks). Shouldn’t be a big problem to solve, but when I google for Kronos keyboard issues, well there another bigger problem on many keyboards: the fact that the hammer action strikes 2 or 3 times instead of 1.

Korg is aware about the problem. And will soon come up with a solution. Perhaps they can fix certain issues with software (the new upcoming 1.5 Operating System), but for now we don’t know what will be needed to fix all the issues.

We’ll keep you posted!

(btw: Kronoshaven is not from Korg, I’m just a guy with a Kronos and a user/community website 🙂 )