New KRONOS Sound Pack for current KRONOS users!

Hi guys & girls, Korg has an anouncement:

new-korg-kronos-soundpack-berlin-grandDear KRONOS user,

Korg is pleased to announce the “New KRONOS Sound Pack” for the current KRONOS users.

* * *

New KRONOS Sound Pack (normally $299, introductory price of $249)

The “New KRONOS Sound Pack” includes the following new KRONOS Sound Libraries, as featured in the new KRONOS:

• EXs17 SGX-2 Berlin D Piano

• EXs18 KORG EXs Collections

• KRS-07 Sound Pack 3.0

The ”New KRONOS Sound Pack” adds these fresh new sounds to the KRONOS and KRONOS X.

* * *

• EXs17 SGX-2 Berlin D Piano

Contents: Approximately 8.6GB of PCM samples, 16 Piano Types.

One of the three great pianos of the world, this legendary instrument from Berlin has been captured for the SGX‐2 sound engine. The KRONOS piano engine has always offered huge collections of non-looped/natural decay stereo samples, recorded for every key, with additional unique tools to customize the piano to your needs. Inheriting all of this SGX-1 functionality, the new enhanced SGX-2 Grand Piano engine introduces the new Berlin Grand Piano, including 12 velocity zones, Sympathetic String Resonance and newly-recorded Una Corda (soft pedal – literally “one-string”)

The EXs17 Berlin Grand Piano offers resonant piano sound with striking sense of depth.

• EXs18 KORG EXs Collections

Contents: Approximately 900MB of PCM samples, 93 Multisamples (42 stereo)

EXs18 contains a selection of string, choir and brass sounds from the three KORG EXs titles listed below.

・ EXs11 Legendary Strings

・ EXs15 Classical and Ambient Choir

・ EXs16 Funk and Soul Brass

• KRS-07 Sound Pack 3.0

Contents: 256 Programs, 32 Combinations, 13 Wavesequences, 1 Set List

KRS-07 provides new Programs which use the samples from EXs17 and EXs18. Additional Song Programs are named for the classic rock and pop songs whose signature keyboard sounds these programs recreate. Use these universally well-known sounds to pay homage to the originals, or as the basis for personal sonic explorations.

* * *

EXs17 and EXs18 demo versions and authorization codes

As always, you can download and try out all EXs libraries for free. Initially, they will work in demo mode. You’ll be able to play, edit, and save Programs, Combis, Wave Sequences, and Songs which use the new samples – but until you purchase an authorization code, their sound will fade out periodically. To purchase an authorization code, go to the online shop at Once the “New KRONOS Sound Pack” purchased, entering the authorization code into the KRONOS removes the audio limitations of demo mode – no additional downloads required.

KRS-07 is available for download only after purchasing the “New KRONOS Sound Pack.” Pre-purchase demo mode is not available for KRS-07.

We hope that you enjoy these additions to the KRONOS as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Best regards,