Response from Korg about the keybed problems

Korg is working on a solution for the problems of the keybed:

“Some Kronos users have been discussing a problem with sounds cutting off prematurely when playing a Kronos 73 or 88. Korg is now very aware of the problems, we have seen the videos and the problems directly. The number of reported issues is less than 1% of all Kronos sold and so identifying the exact cause of the problem has been so difficult that proposing a solution that we know works for all people has been even more difficult. Our engineers are working tirelessly to rectify the problem, and we have no intention of leaving any Kronos owner dissatisfied. We believe that we will have some possible solutions in mid December this year. We ask that you please keep watching this forum for updates, and please contact your local Korg distributor if you are experiencing this problem:

We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience.

Korg Inc.”

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