Status of the editor for Korg Kronos

wow, when I look at the forums about Korg Kronos there’s a lot of emotions about the upcoming editor for the Kronos. I miss those days I had a forum myself at Tritonhaven (NOT haha, kudos to the admins of the current forums!).

Now, what’s the status? Korg is developing the editor and it will come to you. The date when it’s ready is not (already) public. Be patient (I will), because it will be released when everything works like it should. So no news on a date, but it will surely come.

Don’t forget:
– The Kronos has 9 soundengines! (say 9 synths, so 9 editors in one)
– and it’s not just the engine, but also the software for your sequencer host (Cubase etc)
– the keyboardproblem has also had an impact, but it’s now fixed (or better: there’s a solution), the focus is now the editor.

I’m looking forward to it and when it’s there or if we hear news, we will let you know. Stay tuned!

BTW: have you checked the new EXS KRONOS Sound Library Lineup? I tried the Austrian Piano SGX-1 and it sounds wonderful! A demo version is available on the website. When you install this it will be available in the Program usr8 bank and will fade every 8 seconds (very annoying hehe), but you’ll get a good idea how it sounds.