Three new KRONOS EXs

News from Korg:

Korg is pleased to announce the availability of three new KRONOS EXs, one KRS and one updated EXs libraries from KApro. There are so many new sounds that we can only give you a taste in this email; for full details, including audio demos, please check out the KRONOS Sound Libraries site:

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EXs25 KApro Electric Guitar – Single Coil Edition: US $149

EXs88 KApro Theatre Organ: US $149

EXs114 KApro Electronic Drums 2: US $49

KRS-76 KApro Most Wanted 2: US $19

EXs updates:

EXs44 KApro Dynosaur 2: US $99

This update adds new Programs, new Programs and Wave Sequences. To update a previous installation, simply download the new EXs data and re-install as you would normally. Existing authorization codes will continue to be valid.

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Note: All of new EXs and KRS libraries require KRONOS System Version 3.0.2 or later.

EXs demo versions and authorization codes

As always, you can download and try out all EXs libraries for free. Initially, they will work in demo mode. You’ll be able to play, edit, and save Programs, Combis, Wave Sequences, and Songs which use the new samples – but until you purchase an authorization code, their sound will fade out periodically. To purchase an authorization code, go to the online shop at Once purchased, entering the authorization code into the KRONOS removes the audio limitations of demo mode – no additional downloads required.

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