Clicking keyboard problem of the Kronos

First of all:
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! 🙂 Have a great, inspired and musical 2012!

Now back to Kronos:
We know about the problem of the “double hammering” of the Korg Kronos, but there’s also another problem that sometimes shows up.

It’s the clicking of some keys when pressed:

I brought the Kronos (this is the 73 keys version) to our local musicdealer Lyana (Dutch) and he took the time to look at the problem.

It seemed that an aluminum strip was moved an got below a key:

The strip was put into place and now the problem seemed over (and it was). But.. now another key does the same thing (A3 key). The Kronos is still at the repaircenter. We’ll wait for the outcome.

So bottomline: this problem can be easily fixed (this is the conclusion for now)

Below some more pictures of the inner side of the Korg Kronos.

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