[Video] Oxygene 2 by jean-michel jarre played by Markus on Korg Kronos



my best attempt of Jean-Michel JARRE,s Oxygene 2.
as for copyright Jean Michel jarre allows with fairness the upload of his compositions as long as the original work is credited to him.
Thankyou Jean-michel for the many years of pleasure you have given to so many of your fans.
all the main instruments were played on the korg kronos using pedals to change settings and keyboard split to several parts arpeggiations + bass rhythm were faded in using the Kronos assignable sliders. the moog voyager filled in the nice jarre type sound bites which were added to the track afterwards. no midi was used. just 2 stereo audio tracks.
I wanted to add more SFX and work on the ending a little more but it was getting late and i was losing concentration so this is the best i can do for now. Thanks to GAK pro Audio Brighton 01273-665400 who supplied me with all the instruments used.

Btw, nice setup with the Korg Kronos and Roland JUPITER80