What speakers do you use with your Kronos?

I was wondering: what speakers do you use?
A while ago, before I had the Korg Kronos (I had a Korg M3 and a Yamaha Motif XS6) I was looking for nice speakers, nearfield monitors as they call it.
Yamaha hs80m
I went to the local musicstore and have listened to about 25 pairs of speakers. Listening to jazz, pop, rock and classical music. And 3 types of speakers where the most interesting to me (mind you it’s just a matter of taste):

  • Mackies
  • KRK
  • Yamaha

I found that the Mackies had a nice warm sound, but lacked a bit in the high freqencies. The KRK had a nice overall sound but they had a bit too much bass. But the Yamaha’s (actually the HS80M) where perfect: A nice balance in the overall sound.

I read in forums that people where afraid that the Yammies needed an extra subwoofer. Well, I can tell you: you don’t need a subwoofer unless you’re really into drums ‘n bass. Hope this helps you deciding in buying nice speakers for you Korg Kronos. If you want to discuss this you can go to our Facebook page here.