PCG tools is the work of Michel Keijzers. Kronoshaven wil host the latest version of PCG Tools. However chances are that Michel won’t be updating the software anymore. If you have questions please ask the PCG Tools community on Facebook (see links below).

“I am Michel Keijzers, a professional software/system engineer working at NSpyre currently. As a software contractor I worked in various technical environments, like Automotive, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Audio and Semiconductor industry.

In my free time I have developed PCG Tools during the last years, to improve myself in C#/.NET.”

PCG Tools 3.2.0

Latest build info:

Released: Version 3.2.0 Date: Mar-16-2021

Support : Added support for Korg Nautilus.
Bug Fix : Fixed crash for Korg Krome PCG files with user (U) program banks.

What is PCG Tools?

PCG Tools is a free PC software application for Korg (c) Music workstations/synthesizers. The application is capable of handling mainly PCG files. These files are used for programs, combis and set lists, global information and more. PCG Tools is mostly a librarian, but it also has some editor functions.

PCG Tools can be used for:

  • Loading PCG files and navigating through the programs, combis, set list slots and drum kits.
  • Moving and sorting programs, combis and set list slots inside a PCG file.
  • Copying programs, combis and set list slots from one PCG file to another (not converting).
  • Edit names of programs, combis and set list slots.
  • Opening PCG files of different models simultaneously.
  • Creating all kind of lists in text, CSV, XML or HTML format showing the usage of banks, which programs are used by which combis or set list slots in various modes.
  • Creating lists of duplicate programs, combis and set list slots.
  • Creating patch lists for Cubase.
  • Moving empty programs, combis and set list slots to the end, compacting the bank(s).
  • For Kronos, editing the set list slot descriptions with use of Return characters (new lines).
  • Move timbres within a combi up or down.
  • Check some basic content of SNG files.
  • Lots more.

What can it NOT do?

  • Converting programs or combis from one model to another.
  • Editing all program or combi parameters.


Supported Korg© workstation/synthesizer models

PCG Tools supports the following Korg © workstation/synthesizer models including file types in alphabetic order:

Supported Series Supported Korg Models Supported File Types
Korg 01 Series Korg 01/W, Korg 01/W FD, Korg 01/W pro, Korg 01/W pro X, Korg 01R/W syx, mid (sysex), 01p, 01W, ALL, RAW
Korg 03R/W Series Korg 03R/W syx, mid (sysex)
Korg microKorg Series Korg microKORG syx
Korg microKORG XL mkxl_all
Korg microKORG XL Plus mkxlp_prog, mkxlp_all
Korg microSTATION Series Korg microSTATION pcg
Korg microX Series Korg microX (Triton compatible) pcg
Korg Karma Series Korg Karma pcg
Korg Krome Series Korg Krome, Korg Krome Platinum, Korg Krome EX, Korg Krome EX Copper pcg
Korg Kronos Series Korg Kronos Original (OS1.x, OS2.x, OS3.0), Korg Kronos X (OS2.x, OS3.0), Korg Kronos 2 (OS2.x, OS3.0), Korg Kronos 2 Platinum (OS2.x, OS3.0), Korg Kronos 2 Gold (OS2.x, OS3.0), Korg Kronos SE (Special Edition) (OS2.x, OS3.0), Korg Kronos 2 Titanium (OS2.x, OS3.0) pcg
Korg Kross Series Korg Kross, Korg Kross 2, Korg Kross 88 MB pcg, KRSall, KRSapr, KRSbpr, KRSpr, KRSacm, KRSbcm, KRScm
Korg M1 Series Korg M1, Korg M1R, Korg M1EX, Korg M1R-EX syx, mid (sysex)
Korg M3 Series Korg M3, Korg M3-M pcg
Korg M3R Series Korg M3R syx
Korg M50 Series Korg M50, Korg M50 Red (Limited Edition) pcg
Korg MS2000 Series Korg MS2000, Korg MS2000R, Korg MS2000B, Korg MS2000BR syx, prg, mid (sysex), LIB
Korg Nautilus Korg Nautilus (OS1.0, OS1.1) pcg
Korg Oasys Series Korg Oasys pcg
Korg T Series Korg T1, Korg T1EX, Korg T2, Korg T2EX, Korg T3, Korg T3EX syx, mid (sysex)
Korg Triton Series Korg Triton, Korg Triton Pro, Korg Triton Pro X, Korg Triton Extreme, Korg Triton Studio, Korg Triton Classic, Korg Triton LE, Korg Triton Rack, Korg Triton TR pcg
Korg Trinity Series Korg Trinity V1, Korg Trinity Plus, Korg Trinity Pro, Korg Trinity Pro X, Korg Trinity V2, Korg Trinity SOLO-TRI, Korg Trinity V3, Korg (Trinity) TR Rack pcg
Korg X-50 Series Korg X-50 (Triton compatible) pcg
Korg Z1 Series Korg Z1, Korg Z1EX syx, mid (sysex)


PCG Tools is a Windows application. To use it on an Apple © or Unix computer, see the manual for more info (using a Windows emulator).

Windows ZIP File

Windows requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

PCG Tools 3.2.0 Zip File

Unpack anywhere and start PcgTools.exe.

PCG Tools 2.7 (for Windows XP)

It is forbidden to host this application on other websites without permission from the developer.


Please read the manual before asking questions. It’s very extensive, but well structured. Also, a lot of examples can be found.

PCG Tools Manual

Virtual Banks

PCG Tools can use files with virtual banks to store a lot of programs/combis. Below you can download them for your own use.

Kronos Preload Virtual Banks PCG File

This file contains the (zipped) default Preload data for the Korg Kronos (X) with 64 extra empty program and combi banks (of 128 patches each).

MS2000_MS2000 Empty Virtual Banks LIB file

This file contains a (zipped) LIB file for the Korg MS2000 with 64 extra empty program banks (of 16 programs each).

Other Files


This file contains the rules to be imported in the Program Reference changer in the Tools menu of PCG Tools. The rules can be used to use V2 (or earlier) Kronos combis and set list PCG files with a V3 programs layout. If you see this file as text in your browser, copy the contents in a file name and import the file in PCG Tools in the Program Reference Changer. For now, after loading, compress the Rules text box to press the OK button … it can take about 10 minutes to process all rules (in the next version it will be much faster).

Support and information

You can get update notifications and see the latest comments, posts and questions at:

Facebook Page

There are currently over 1500 likes for PCG Tools … If you like PCG Tools, please like the FaceBook PCG Tools page. You will get notifications about new releases and important messages on this page.

FaceBook Group

This group is used as discussion platform and all kind of notices regarding PCG Tools, like new releases and important messages, but also updates about progress, questions, polls and less important messages related to PCG Tools.

Bug reports

If you find a bug, make sure you use the latest version. If you can stills see the bug, please send a mail to me: Bug report

Please provide the following info:

  • Description of the bug.
  • Operating system and relevant computer system information.
  • Attach a screenshot if needed.
  • Attach the PCG file resulting in the problem (I will never share PCG files received this way with others).
  • Describe exactly how to reproduce the problem.

Thanks in advance for taking the trouble; without bug reports I will probably never know of all bugs, since I don’t own all Korg workstation/synths supported by PCG Tools.
Note that the software is “almost” abandoned, so much updates won’t be released in the future. When Michel has some spare time he might consider updating the software.

Source code

The code is written in C# and is added to a GitHub repository by a friend (Dave Blickstein). Please feel free to get ideas, use it in your own non-commercial projects or build upon it (the last is preferred). Also feel free to contact me about details. Not all files are included, like documentation and test files (because some of the test files are non-free PCG files or documents under NDA).

PCG Tools Source Code on GitHub


I (Michel and also Kronoshaven.com) am not responsible for corrupt PCGs. Therefore, always make a backup first and test regularly. I do not own all models so testing has been very limited. I am not responsible for the content of the PCGs being used with the application.


PCG Tools is a free application, however the executable and the source code may not be used in projects/products which are sold or otherwise to generate money. Also my name (Michel Keijzers) must be mentioned clearly for credits when part of the source code is used. This application is not affiliated by Korg, so requests, bugs, wishes, questions etc. should be directed to michel.keijzers@hotmail.com or being posted on the main PCG Tools thread (this page).

History, wishlist and known issues

Check the update history, wishlist and known issues on this page

FAQ – Frequently asked question about PCG Tools

Check the PCG Tools FAQ

Contact information regarding PCG Tools

PCG Tools has many users. To get into contact with them, or with me, try one of the following options.


Korg Forums, Main PCG Tools thread

Although PCG Tools has no dedicated forum, there are many threads (one for each supported model) on the KorgForums site. The above link will go to the Kronos Thread for PCG Tools, which is the most active. However, other models have their own tab on KorgForums.

Social Media

Facebook Page

There are currently over 1,100 likes for PCG Tools … If you like PCG Tools, please like the FaceBook PCG Tools page. You will get notifications about new releases and important messages on this page.

FaceBook Group

This group is used as discussion platform and all kind of notices regarding PCG Tools, like new releases and important messages, but also updates about progress, questions, polls and less important messages related to PCG Tools.

Twitter (#PCG Tools)

Rather get notifications by Twitter: Follow #PCG Tools:

Email Contact

Mail to Michel Keijzers

In case you rather like to mail me directly, use this email address and I will try to respond quickly. However, please read the manual first in case of questions.

Also if you have tips, remarks, ideas (see also the manual for ideas) or if you found bugs, do not hesitate to email me.

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