Korg Nanopad 2

A few weeks ago I bought a Korg Nanopad 2. It’s great and I will tell you all about it, but first I’d like to give you some background info.

The Korg M3 (former KORG flagship) has trigger pads below the screen:








the Korg Kronos doesn’t have these, but you can still use the pad function by clicking the pads tab of any program or combi. See image below (image taken from karma-lab.com)

korg kronos pads

You can assign any chord you want to one of the 8 columns of the screen. If you tap with your finger in the upper range of the column the velocity will be higher (it’ll sound louder).

I use this function a lot on my Korg Kronos, but I missed the physical pads like the Korg M3 has. A solution is to use the Korg Nanopad 2. It has a usb plug and I plugged it right into one of the USB ports of my Kronos. It works right away, without installing software or changing settings. The cool thing is that all of the combi’s and programs already have assigned chords for you to explore. It gives you easy access to a lot of new inspirational chords and ideas on how to use the pre programmed sounds.

korg nanopad 2 on Korg Kronos